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Our Vision:  “To give girls the support and skills they need to develop into strong, Independent women.”

Achieving Our Vision:
» Providing a safe, nurturing environment at our Sanjivani campus.
» Education
» Health care and mental support
» Vocational skills training
» Sports and athletics
» Creative art classes

Our Home: Sanjivani

With our Sanjivani girl’s home, we have created a nurturing and safe environment for our girls to live in. Our sprawling green campus in Virar, on the outskirts of Mumbai, is the ideal location for the city’s disadvantaged girls to get the support they need.

Away from the crowd and chaos of India’s Maximum city, we have created a sanctuary in which we have the space and facilities to look after our girls. The generous space we have at the home gives the girls a little more breathing room than they would be used to in city.

We have ample outdoor space for playing sports, games and gardening. We also have facilities for vocational training such as baking, screen printing, etc.

At Sanjivani, our teachers follow the curriculum of the NIOS (National Institute of Open schooling), an Indian Government Board of Education that administers public exams at a secondary level.

In addition to following this national curriculum, we believe in a holistic approach to education and have several of our own classes and programmes that we have developed.

Some of our current and future programmes includes:

» Literacy skills and supplementary school education
» Character value (Storytelling, singing, group activities)
» Creativity and vocational skills (includes screen printing, baking, tailoring, diya and candle making)
» Sport, yoga, music programmes
» Computer skills
» Bal sabha (Children’s forum)- a programme managed by the children themselves, where they are encouraged to bring their own thoughts, discussions and ideas to the group.
» Swardhar- Instilling the values of becoming self-reliant and independent (financial management, life skills)